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Fast, Reliable and Friendly Couriers

When you need to stock up on goods, turn to North Star Delivery Services. 

Restaurant Delivery / Curb side pick up 


Plus 20% of total order cost.

Delivery Outside Grand Junction will be $0.57 a mile from pick up

Veteran Discount:  $5.00 plus 10% of total order cost.

Courier Services We Offer:

Medical / Labs 

Retail /Grocery

Office / Bank Delivery

Hemp Delivery

Parts Delivery

Errand Services / Personal Shopping / Personal Assistant Services

Process Serving

Please contact us at 970-730-7173 to discuss pricing and contracting options.

Interested in contracting our services?  Please call us at: 


We Deliver to Rural Areas

If you live in a remote region, you can count on us to bring your goods to your doorstep.

Contact Us